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Ms. Professional

For black women working predominately in non ethnic environments there are competing beauty standards of what is seen as beautiful. Some environments may not take to a women wearing her natural Afro hair and in others it could be misconstrued as a political statement even in 2020 and draw unwanted attention. However, for a lot of women whether wearing their natural hair or using a wig/weave or other… it’s more about having it look good and manageable in times when they are busy trying to get their job done. So, here are a few tips for those wearing their natural hair and for those wearing wigs/weaves or other.  


Natural Hair:

For those who have gone natural i.e. choosing not to damage their hair by using chemicals to straighten it, a couple of ways to help maintain your hair and so therefore making it easier to manage is by the preparation  such as:

  • Shampooing every so often (maybe every few weeks depending on the hair). 
  • Conditioning, which is essential to add moisture, reduce knotting and breakage
  • Moisturising, to help maintain  and attain your desired hairstyle.


Braids Style

Should be worn for several weeks then rebraided to keep it neat. Hair maybe shampooed while braided and this is encouraged. Overly tight braids should be avoided to prevent hair loss.


Twists Style

Should be maintained regularly for a fresh, well-groomed appearance. Again, overly tight twist should be avoided to reduce hair lost.

Dreadlocks Style

Natural hair that is allowed to knot and intertwine. This also requires shampooing and manipulating of any new growth to keep it neat and tidy.

Afro Style

As with the above maintaining with shampooing every so often. Conditioning and moisturising along with a bit of tailored barbering where required.


Wigs/Weaves or other:

Can be synthetic or natural hair either clipped, glued, sewn, fused or bonded in the hair. The quality of these can differ and how long they last and keep their style and not start tangling into knots can also differ.  They can be shampooed and conditioned but with a mild shampoo which is sulphate-free with a low pH. Also, they can be carefully brushed and combed through to reduce the tangling, frizz and knots. If it’s a wig remember to take it off when going to bed.


Maintaining these simple steps will help your hair look its best and boost yourself confidence in the work place and ultimately your well being in general.

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