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About Us

As a young person at home, I often heard my mum, my sister and their female  friends constantly remark on the issue of finding good products on beauty or quality information for black hair or accessories being hard or non-existent.

Over 2 decades later with my daughter coming into the world, I find my wife going through similar issues when a shampoo she bought for my daughter’s hair caused a reaction on her hair and head.  This situation sparked an idea, which led me to investigate how this could be done better irrespective of whether it was information or products for people of colour.

visited many websites and shops to see if I could find better help catering for Afro hair & beauty products in all its forms! However, what I found was minimal to sketchy information at best or information from sources who were not impacted from the products they were selling. It felt to me that not much had changed for women and children of colour!

I came to the conclusion that something had to be done so that my daughter's generation onwards are not in the same position in future. I decided it was time to curate in one setting a place for culturally aware products and hair/beauty products including quality information for women and children of colour.

I didn’t know if the idea would work so I put out a survey among many female friends and family of colour to gain an insider perspective.

What came back emboldened me!  From then on, I knew any potential solution can only come from those who are impacted by it. At that moment Sophia-Faith.com was born. So welcome to our online shop and community. Feel free to explore, shop, learn and get in touch with us

Thank you.