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Glamour Queen


“What should I do with my hair?” is the question many women ask before a night out. So, to reduce the chance of a meltdown or unwanted stress, here are a few amazing hairstyles that you can try out whether it for clubbing, a fancy night out or something more elegant. These hairstyles will help you look the part and make you feel amazing.

  1. Elegant Twist Updo -

Simplicity and ease to make you look stunning in a short time. Great as protective style but remember to nourish your hair first after washing with a natural hair care oil before braiding.


  1. Low maintenance Ghana Braids –

This style can last for a while and is low maintenance but gives you an incredible look and is great in warmer seasons. It also has protective qualities to keep your hair healthy. Also looks elegant when going out.

  1. Pixie Cut Sew in Weave –

A short weave simple and quick to enhance and maintain,


     4. Box Braids Bob –

Classic, Minimalist and stylish.  Easy for both work and play as well as looking very sassy would you not agree?


 5. Jumbo Braid Twists –

A stylish minimum maintenance style that also protects the strands of your hair. Stand out in the crowd with these amazing jumbo braids.


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