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Why Scalp Cleansing Is Crucial!

It’s so important to keep your scalp clean and healthy. The scalp effectively is an extension of our face and just as you wash and moisturise your face each day, you need to regularly cleanse your scalp. This cleans the pores in the scalp and allows new hair to grow.

hair follicle

A dirty scalp can invite:

  • fungal infections,
  • mites
  • acne
  • cysts (embedded under the skin)
  • dandruff
  • and many other problems etc.

I am sure these are not problems you want! It is recommended you wash your scalp every 7-10 days using a sulphate-free shampoo. Try to focus on massaging the shampoo into your scalp using a dandruff/head massage brush or other like brush.

You want to do gentle circular movements to help dislodge dirt, this massage will also encourage blood flow. This will keep the scalp healthier and encourage good hair growth.