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Why Co-Wash ?

If your shampoo regime is drying out your hair. It is worth considering  giving it a rest and giving co-washing a go for a few weeks. A co-wash is a specific formulated cream cleanser to help remove build-up without harsh parabens and sulfates which can be found in a lot of shampoos.

co-washing lady

Co-wash is much milder than standard shampoos. This means it can be used more frequently without the risk of drying out one’s scalp. They also have conditioning properties which adds moisture back to the hair and cleansing agents which remove dirt and grease.

Co-wash is condition only washing and it is great for maintaining moisture in the hair as well as keeping natural oils in the hair. Try our Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Complete Conditioning Co-Wash to see how this can help your hair.