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Which Hair Texture Type Do You Fit?

It is not uncommon for woman to have a combination of different hair textures on her head. So below we will give a little explanation of hair type and textures for some afro-mation (Afro information).

In the world of hair types, you have 4 groups in general with type 1’s and 2’s being more Eurocentric type hair and 3’s / 4’s being more Afrocentric type hair you could argue.

The three core texture type for anyone with an African/Caribbean background or ancestry are:

  • Curly
  • Coily
  • Kinky

These are also described in the hair type range of 3 to 4 as stated before.  Hair type 3’s ranges from Curly to Coily and hair type 4’s range from Coily to Kinky. You will normally also get a letter after the number. The letter will range from A to C i.e. 3a, 3b, 3c etc. The letters after the numbers gives a pattern description of the hair.  So A’s will normally describe a loose pattern, B’s medium pattern and C’s tightest pattern depending on the texture type such as Curly, Coily or Kinky.


It is important to know which hair type and texture you are so you can get the right products for your hair instead of buying any and everything which in the end could cost you a small fortune. This does not lead to a more confident you! Which is what we are all after. Because when we look good, we also feel good from top to toe.

Knowing your hair type and texture is good thing but also hair and scalp maintenance is also important to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Use our Dandruff/Head Massage Silk brush for removing dead skin from your head and increasing blood circulation. We also have Detangling brush selection for maintain your hair from tangles and knotting with reduce strain and pressure due to the design of the brush.