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What Hair Type Are You ?

 Afro hair is often classified into 6 core types... this being 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B and 4C.  knowing which type you are helps you to understand how to care for your hair and possibly the best product types to use on your hair. Also keep in mind some of us may have a combination kinky, coily or wavy and curly. A simple breakdown would be type 3s are curly and type 4s are coily. However, we think it is important to have a real distinction to aid and provide clarity to all users.  The details below provide a better insight for the 6 core types mentioned above. 

 Type  Texture and description
 3A Curly- loose



Can be described as ringlets with bounce but can be frizzy.

 3B  Curly-tight



Can be described as stretchy curls with a level of bounce.

 3C  Curly-corkscrew



Can be described as S-pattern curls i.e. corkscrew pattern.

 4A  Kink-coil with defined S-pattern coils



Can be described as dense, kinky, gravity-defying with S-pattern coils.

 4B  Kink-coil  with a Z coil pattern



Can be described as Z-pattern coils that bend & flare in a zigzag way.

 4C  Kink-coil with tight coils



Can be described as coils with tight curves, kink pattern is visible seen up close.


Sophia-Faith.com recommends getting to know your hair type so that you can care and love it in the best way and in any season!

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