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The Benefits of a Bedtime Bonnet for Your Hair!

Why sleep in a bonnet you may ask?  Well for people with curly, wavy, kinky or coily hair, if you want to maintain the moisture and reduce dryness which can lead to breakage of the hair, bonnets can help with this. Bonnets also reduce the chance of your hair tangling up and becoming over frizzy.

You may ask which bonnets are the best for 3a- 4c hair? Well the better options tend to be Satin Silk bonnets. This can often help in maintaining moisture to prevent hair breakage. Invest in a bonnet and you will likely be saving yourself some money on hair products which you purchase to maintain moisture in your hair. The reason being you will likely need less of it in your hair in the morning.

   Remember the benefits of a bonnet are:

  1. Reduce dryness and keep moisture
  2. Prevent hair breakage
  3. Reduce tangling of your hair
  4. Minimise frizzing
  5. Prevent friction

Check out our satin and silk bonnets within our accessories section to keep your hair healthy and manageable.