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Nutrition Tips for Healthy Afro Hair

What you put inside your body can also have a great affect on your hair. Hair can be often slow to respond to nutrition so it is important to give it time. Here are some of things you should consume for healthy strong afro hair.

Dark leafy vegetables contains vitamins A and C  help with production of sebum (oil) – the hair’s natural scalp conditioner. Examples of food to consume to get these vitamins are: kale, spinach, broccoli, Bok choy etc.

Iron is needed to produce haemoglobin which caries oxygen to cells that stimulate hair growth. Example of foods are: Beans, nuts, dried fruit, wholegrains, soy, fortified breakfast cereals, dark green leafy vegetables and liver etc.

Protein is important as that is what our hair is made up of. A lack of protein can lead to dry and brittle hair. Example of foods that will help are: Legumes e.g. beans, and lentils which also contain zinc, iron and biotin. Also included in this are lean meats such as chicken and turkey etc.

There are many other dietary considerations to help your hair grow and be healthy, but this is a good starter for 10. Keep an eye on our blogs as we will be covering more in this area over the year.