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Mind the Edge!

Even though castor oil can be used to restore hair edges if not overly damaged. It is a good idea to firstly setup a routine to reduce hair lost of your edges in the first place! 

Hair edges

How can you go about doing this you may ask…

  • Avoid overly tight protective styles which pull too hard on the edges of your hair i.e. don’t have overly tight braids, buns etc..
  • Cover your hair at night by using a bedtime bonnet which should be Satin or Silk. This helps maintain moisture when it comes to afro hair.
  • Avoid using cotton headwraps or cotton pillowcases when sleeping as these have a habit of stripping moisture from the hair and hair edges. Cotton can also tag and snatch at the hair while sleeping thereby increasing the chance of hair lost. Silk or Satin pillowcases are best for afro hair.

Finally get a good night rest as a standard beauty regime.  Maintain a balance diet to help increase the right nutrients in the body. By doing this it increases the chance of stimulating hair follicles to grow better hence maintaining your hair and hair edges in a healthy state.