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Jojoba Oil Benefits for Oily Skin

Oil is made from Jojoba nuts or seeds and can be used for hair growth and skin conditions.

Jojoba is like sebum, a natural oil produced by our bodies. When Jojoba is applied, the skin believes it has produced enough oil and so reduces oil production on the skin.

Jojoba helps balance out sebum production and prevents clogging of pores due to reduction of oil on the skin. This is great and a powerful ingredient for those who have oily skin.  

This balancing out  of sebum production is what makes it so good. Jojoba oil for oily skin is a powerful ingredient that will work wonders for those that suffers from this condition.

Jojoba helps to provide hydrating moisture that doesn't feel like a thick layer left on the skin, it works in tandem with the natural oils your skin produces and so helps in achieving the balance needed for those who suffer from overly oily skin. This is why we believe adding Jojoba to your skin care routine could be extremely beneficial in general or if your suffer with oily skin issues.

Using jojoba oil on your skin sends a message signal to the hair and sweat follicles that your skin doesn’t need further sebum for hydration. This reduction, limits the production of oil on the skin and also reduces the chance of acne caused by clogged pores.