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Give Your Hair Some TLC

Afro hair can end up being dry due to its tight curl pattern that hinders natural oils from easily making their way down the hair shaft. If this is the case for you… you can improve the situation by giving your hair some extra love.  Your hair can be restored by following a few simple rules. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process and not an overnight miracle!

Afro hair care

  1. Reduce heat styling of your hair ( i.e. flat irons, blow dryers and hot combs can and do often cause dryness)
  2. Keep your natural colour!!! Constantly colouring your hair by bleaching to lighten the hair causes dryness.
  3. Wear protective styles (i.e. braids, cornrows, twists etc)
  4. Protect your hair when sleeping (i.e. using a satin or silk bonnet and or satin or silk pillowcase)
  5. Reduce daily shampoo usage (this is not great for afro hair, consider using a co-wash instead)

If you follow the above rules you should gradually see your hair improve.